Swervy World

is a traditional jazz band playing an eclectic mix of rock 'n' roll, jump blues, boogie woogie, surf, ska, blue beat and occasionally traditional jazz!
The band likes to play acoustically wherever possible, allowing the full flavour of the instruments to flood out.

Swervy World specialises in offstage, outdoor events, themed shows, walkabouts and parades. This includes street events, field events, boat decks, beaches, deserts, tundra, forests and other places that amplified stage bands can not reach. 
Swervy World is a national touring band and not based in any one area.
Each year the troupe makes a 12 county UK tour in order to reach as broad and diverse a spectrum of communities as possible, country wide.

In addition to the above, Swervy World can be hired for village hall dances, parks, community events, markets, cruises, film and TV work,
or collaborative work with theatres and circuses to provide a band/pit orchestra.

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Q's and A's

What instruments do you have in your band. ?
Saxophone, Banjo, Sousaphone, Percussion and Singing.   

Where are you all from?
Swervy World was created in Tavistock Devon in 1996 by travelling musician Stephane Spitz. Performers reside in Brighton and Bristol with a volunteer administrator in Bury St Edmunds and founding member Stephane Spitz is still travelling.

Are you a local band?
No. We are a national touring band.
Swervy World actively seeks to travel to as many far flung places as possible.
The further away your booking enquiry is, the more likely we are going to be enthusiastic to do it!
Swervy World performers are selected not by geographical location, but for their musical excellence and their willingness to travel.
All Swervy World musicians are from a back ground of travelling street performers, having been either solo performers working and travelling year round as a way of life, or working with past travelling street bands such as Roxy's Tool Box, Urban Ravioli, Tragic Roundabout. 
Swervy World members are not tied to day jobs to subsidise their music work and can therefore be free to take their work as musicians with them wherever they go.

With the band so spread out, How do you get together to rehearse?

Because Swervy World tour by the week, and not by the day, usually one whole day per tour is set aside for rehearsing (usually a Thursday). The band will then use their own (un-booked) street performances to firm up what has been practiced in a rehearsal, getting the work up to show standard prior to letting it loose on a paying audience or at a pre booked show. Because the band are regularly playing for hours every day, it means the musicians are all practicing hard and developing work, both musical and theatrical, together as a group. It is this intensity of working together that ensures the show standard is always high.  

What is the Rural Touring initiative?
To encourage an annual national touring curriculum, each year Swervy World attempts to cover twelve, week-long tours of twelve rural counties.
During these county tours, the band will make street performances and also take as many bookings in the county as they can in that week, in order to make up the costs of running the tour.
By being flexible with dates and fitting around when the troubadours are in the area, repeat bookers know this is how to get the band at a discount. 
Please enquire if you have a venue and you are interested in becoming part of Swervy World's annual county touring programme.

Do you do private bookings/weddings?
Yes, sometimes, very occasionally.  The band's focus is on public performance (i.e. events we can advertise on posters, our website, our Facebook page and our own mailing list). Therefore private bookers must be aware a private booking will subsidise a tour and subsequent public performances within that area. 

What is the procedure to book Swervy World? 
1.Write an email to and enquire if the date is available and give details about the event.
2. A Swervy World representative will get back to you with availability status, a fee and instructions how to book.
3. If you agree the fee and wish to go ahead, you return the email stating your agreement and following the instructions provided (venue/times/contact numbers etc...) 
4. Swervy World responds by sending a deposit invoice. 
5. You pay the deposit. 
6. Swervy World acknowledges the deposit and sends a receipt confirming the booking. 

On occasion, the band's director will request a site visit to discuss show details prior to accepting a booking.
In any event, after the booking has been made a site visit and meeting with the booker is common prior to the event.

Do you provide a PA? Stage lights? 
Swervy World prefers to do acoustic shows. This is because the band uses non electric instruments and therefore playing music without electric amplification sets the instruments to their natural acoustic sound and mix level.
Acoustic music brings an audience closer to the music, breaking down barriers between performer and audience, in contrast to a stage show where amplification and stage set audience and performer apart. 
For exceptional events where acoustic music is not possible, Swervy World does own a small PA, stage lights and full theatre drapes. 
For events larger than a village hall, or for on-stage outdoor events, Swervy World expects the booker to provide public amplification, adequate stage monitors, all microphones, stands, leads and a sound engineer on hand. 

"Gentlemen, Today at the Motorhome Show, a lady and I watched you perform on the band stand. We could have spent hours wahing/listening to your renditions of old time songs. We spent the whole jpourney hme listening to the CD that we purchased - it is GREAT, as are you as entertainers". 
21/07/19 Name Witheld. 
"My family and I saw you in Chichester yesterday and really enjoyed your performance. You are completely different to any group that I have heard and I mean that in a positive way. Do you have any plans to be back down this way soon as we would really like to watch you again. Have just ordered a CD as you sold out yesterday before we had a chance to buy one. Keep playing and we hope to see you in the not too distant future" Malcom. Chichester 07/09/17