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Swervy World musicians have been collectively honing their skills as a traditional jazz band since 1996.

Originally the band was created from individual street performers who used street music as a way to earn a living while travelling from town to town. 
Meeting each other at annual street fairs 'Winchester Hat Fair' and 'Stroud Folk Festival', this loose and often raggle taggle collective of street musicians would get together increasingly more regularly to share knowledge of new (old) tunes and take an occasional booking while using the street as a great place to hone skills and try out new arrangements. The band 'Swervy World' slowly morphed itself over the years into the set line up you see today. Some original crusty members of the early era are still with the band.

Swervy World musicians past and present have always had an interest in old jazz to include swing, gypsy jazz, western swing and songs from musicals.
The strange turn of events that caused Swervy World to specialise in traditional jazz came through the loss of a core member who played double bass, and their subsequent replacement with a sousaphone player which caused the band to start exploring pre 1927 music where the sound and style of 'air bass' was  more prevalent in the music we could find to listen to. 

With a set line up of Tenor Saxophone, Trombone, Tenor Banjo, Sousaphone and Percussion and with different members of the band taking turns at singing, Swervy World are currently playing hot arrangements of mid-tempo jazz, blues and ragtime for discerning dancers and listeners everywhere.
Swervy World is for hire for music festivals, food fairs, boat festivals, car shows, stage shows, village halls, public dances, street and outdoor events. 

Please also see our partnered website for themed walkabout shows, parade band, circus band, theatre band shows, musicians for film and TV,

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"Gentlemen, Today at the Motorhome Show, a lady and I watched you perform on the band stand. We could have spent hours watching/listening to your renditions of old time songs. We spent the whole journey home listening to the CD that we purchased - it is GREAT, as are you as entertainers". 
21/07/19 Name Witheld. 

"My family and I saw you in Chichester yesterday and really enjoyed your performance. You are completely different to any group that I have heard and I mean that in a positive way. Do you have any plans to be back down this way soon as we would really like to watch you again. Have just ordered a CD as you sold out yesterday before we had a chance to buy one. Keep playing and we hope to see you in the not too distant future" Malcom. Chichester 07/09/17
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