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Frequently Asked Questions and their Answers.

*What instruments do you have in your band?
 Tenor Saxophone, Trombone, Tenor Banjo, Sousaphone, Percussion and Singing. 

*Are you a local band?

 We are a national touring band. 

*Where are you all from?

 Performers currently reside in Bristol, London, Brighton (U.K.) with a volunteer administrator in Bury St Edmunds.

Founding member Stephane Spitz is permanently travelling. 

*How did you all get together? 
Swervy World musicians are from a background of travelling street performers, having been either solo performers working and travelling year round as a way of life, or working with past travelling street bands such as Roxy's Tool Box, Urban Ravioli, Tragic Roundabout.

We all share a mutual interest in street music as a way of life and became known to each other through links, friends and traditional street performer get togethers such as Winchester Hat Fair, Stroud Folk Festival and Strawberry Fair. 

Swervy World was officially launched in Tavistock, Devon, in the winter of 1995. Our first three month tour (1996) was by horse and cart! 


*Do you have other income sources to subsidise your work as musicians?
No.  That is why, if we do not have a booking, you will see us playing in the street, either as a band, in breakaway groups, or as individuals. 

 *With the band so spread out, How do you get together to rehearse?

 Because Swervy World tour by the week, and not by the day, usually one whole day per week is set aside for rehearsing (usually a Thursday).
*What is the Rural Touring initiative?

 To encourage an annual national touring curriculum, each year Swervy World attempts to cover twelve, week-long tours of twelve rural counties. During these county tours, the band will make street performances and also take as many bookings in the county as they can in that week, in order to make up the costs of running the tour. 

 By being flexible with dates and fitting around when the troubadours are in the area, repeat bookers know this is how to get the band at a discount.

 Please enquire if you have a venue and you are interested in becoming part of Swervy World's annual county touring programme. 


*Do you do private bookings/weddings?
 We do very occasionally take private bookings. For this to come about we will require a written reference from someone who is known to us.

*How do I book Swervy World? 

  In the first instance, all booking enquiries please email to 


*Do you provide a PA? Stage lights? 

 Yes. We have a first rate sound engineer and very good sound equipment. We have eight old skool 500watt theatre lights on stands and we have full length stage drapes. All equipment is PAT tested.

*Do you have Public Liability Insurance? 
 Yes, we will also provide a risk assessment form when requested.

 *Can you work with no electricity?  
Yes. The instrumentation within the band is chosen specifically for the way these instruments sound in an acoustic setting.

*How long do you perform for? 
For seated concerts 2 x 45 mins
For village hall Dances 2 x 1 Hour

For casual shows, club and pub gigs 3 x 45 mins

Do you do street parades and street shows? 
We do,  but strictly speaking these shows come under a different banner and not under the band name Swervy Word. 
Please check in at our partner site for all parade and theatre bands.  

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