Swervy World have been on the road since 1994 travelling the length and breadth of Britain. 
From Belfast to Lowestoft, Dundee to Penzance - 'Britains Longest running street band' is on a mission.. To bring quality music and entertainment to a street near you! 


Swervy World work in the way of traditional troubadours and travelling entertainers by relying heavily on 'tips in the hat' to make their way. 

If you have enjoyed one of the bands street shows, if you have our album but would like to support us through these lean times, then you may wish to consider tipping Swervy World on this page.


Just click the link (above) and follow the prompts. It is secure and you will receive an email receipt

Many thanks to you all and please stay safe! 

With the onset of the Covid 19 pandemic, we are most vexed to announce that all the band's touring schedules have been cancelled until further notice.